Correspondence Course

Authentic Zen Study via Skype at Open Mind Zen

Many people would like to practice Zen yet live in an area where there is no access to a teacher, or don’t have the time to visit a meditation center because of work and/or family obligations. We understand this predicament and have created a system whereby one can practice koan or other Zen study using Skype, a free video conferencing program that anybody can download.

Sensei Al Rapaport was one of the first Zen Teachers in the country to utilize Skype with students and this method has been tested and perfected for over ten years. One can realize substantial progress provided there is a commitment to regularly devote time and energy to meditation and interaction with a teacher. At Open Mind Zen, we combine a relaxed, lay practice focus with an emphasis on study of many of the traditional Zen koan collections. This program can be supplemented with occasional visits to Florida for workshops or retreats for those who wish to do so.

If you are a current practitioner without a teacher, have been stuck on a koan for years or are interested in beginning Zen practice, email or call us at (321) 427-3511 and we will tailor a program for you that will reflect your ability and time commitment. The requested donation for this program is $85 per month.  This includes a weekly 30 minute Skype appointment with Sensei Al and unlimited email or phone access.