This is our online payment area for members/contributors to make a donation to Open Mind Zen Meditation Center.

Payments are made through Paypal, which is a very secure system for payments
over the internet. With Paypal, you can pay with a major credit card or direct it to
do direct debits from a bank account. If you do not have a Paypal account already, it is very easy to set one up by following the links.

You can make either a one-time payment or elect to pay monthly on an annual basis. You can change the amount or stop payments at any time with Paypal.

All donations to Open Mind Zen are tax deductible. We ask members to make payments at the beginning of the month for accounting purposes. If you are beginning in the middle of the month, make a one-time partial payment and then start your subscription on or around the 1st of the next month.


Open Mind Zen Payment Options
Please choose the appropriate payment option for your OMZ status. If you make a different contribution to the Zen center please use the donation/other payment option. Recurring payments are for a 1year time period. PayPal accounts are free and secure.
One time $50 payment
Recurring $50 payment
One time $85 payment
Recurring $85 payment
Donation / Book
Book $14.50