Zen Dialogue & Breathwork Retreat

March 14 – 16, 2014 at the Gainesville Retreat Center, Gainesville, FL

Deepen your meditation practice and clarify your mind through a variety of methods designed to help spiritual practitioners break through conditioned ways of experiencing and viewing life.

Sensei Al Rapaport, an authorized Zen Teacher and Certified Breathwork Facilitator, will lead sessions in silent and guided meditation, Zen Breathwork, and Zen Dialogue. Zen Breathwork is a powerful method of working with the energy of the body/mind through breath exercise, and Zen Dialogue is based on the notion that we have access to the wisdom of many parts of the Self, some of which are hidden or suppressed.

When practiced together with meditation and yoga, this time will be powerful and transformative for all involved. No experience is necessary – beginning instruction will be given for all who are new to this work. Open to those of any religion or belief system.

Cost: $90 for food & lodging, double occupancy. Teacher donation not included. Day attendance w/o lodging $70. For registration, contact



Zen Residential Meditation Retreat

Finding Balance Through Stillness

April 3 – 6, 2014 at Kashi Ashram, Sebastian, Florida

Go inward in this silent meditation retreat in the classic Zen style of sitting meditation, interviews and Dharma Talks. Most of this residential retreat will be devoted to silent, sitting meditation in the Zen style, but will also include interviews with Sensei Al Rapaport and a daily yoga class.

Donation (includes all meals): $355 Dorm Room (5 beds per room); $395 Semi Private (2 per room); $425 Private. $100 deposit due by February 24th. Balance due by March 28th.

Where/When: Kashi Ashram, Roseland Rd, Sebastian Florida. Check in 4 pm Thurs, 4/3, until 5 pm Sunday, 4/6