Workshops and Individual Work

We offer the following sessions as both group workshops and individual sessions. Contact us for an appointment or more information.


Beginning Orientation

If you are interested in learning more about Open Mind Zen, we suggest that you first attend a Sunday 10:00 am meditation and Dharma Talk. Here you will have a chance to meet group members and get a sense of our teaching style. Talks are given by Sensei Al Rapaport, Assistant Teachers or invited guest speakers. If you would like to go further, please speak with us about attending a Beginning Orientation session. You will be offered basic meditation instruction as well as information about the history of Zen and of Open Mind Zen Center. During this session we will also cover the various ways you can participate at Open Mind Zen. A $25 donation is requested for this session.


Zen Dialogue

This innovative process is based on the fact that the most straightforward and reliable way to deal with the quest for enlightenment is to enlist the help of the controlling ego rather than attempting to exhaust it or force it to change as many other techniques do.
By the end of the process participants will awaken to the role of Awakened Mind in their life, and will learn to recognize the different results that stem from using Awakened Mind as opposed to ego mind. This workshop is required for all beginning students of Open Mind Zen, but is also available to members or anyone who wishes to awaken to their true self. 



Zen Transformational Breathwork

Breathwork is a facilitated deep breathing exercise done with sound healing music. It has a powerful ability to energetically harmonize body, mind and spirit. On a physical level, it helps regulate and calm the breath and increase lung capacity. On an emotional level, it brings hidden information to the surface, helping us to release it. On a spiritual level it can propel us to new vistas that we may not have experienced before. These sessions last 90 minutes with instruction.